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![Truck mod]! Scania NG V8 Old skool truck

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Tested on  1.50 game version

Standalone truck

!!NOT for low PC setup!!  (can make lower fps)

Not V8 sound and interior included !! for low pc or if game crashed after buy truck paste textures 1 file  to the truck mod folder 
NOTE: dont work with every mods, replaces base Scania R normal cab, other cab variants dont work, dont work with other skins

Game crash recovery video
NOTE: If you want use other types of Nextgen cabs Like R normal cab this is not good mod for you. It works better only with R normal cab.

Lightbox texture: vehicle/truck/upgrade/f_light_top/scania_2016/ and

Lightbox bullbar texture: vehicle/truck/upgrade/smalllight/ and

TRUCK INSTALL: buy only base SCS Nextgen truck, then go to upgrade shop and buy accessories.

NOTE: Use only one of those zip files:  with base driver and steering wheel is compatible with interiors from other creators do not contain base driver and steering wheel and it is compatible with those interiors:

Special interior V2

Custom interior V2

Special interior V1

Custom interior V1

Replaced base ScS R model and tuning addons, using with other mods or using other Nextgen cabs variants cause dont work correct. Truck do not contain interior
amber lights
a lot of tuning 
hypro bullbar
holland style
old school tuning
high quality
high poly
full AO
air suspension
trailer cables
dlc accessories
high details
open pmg
Programs used:
3Ds Max 2020;
Illustrator CC2020;
Zmodeler 3;

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Last updated Nov 19, 2023

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![Truck mod]! Scania NG V8 Old skool truck

1 rating
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